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Describe your neighbourhood in three words.

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Describe your neighbourhood in three words.
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The ideal neighbourhood has a population density of around 1000 people per square kilometer, which is about half the population density of a typical city in the United States. The average neighbourhood has a life expectancy of around 8 years longer than a city-dweller's. The ideal neighborhood has a significantly lower crime rate than the average city neighborhood.
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What is the most important quality for your ideal neighborhood?
  • Low crime rate
  • Lots of parks and green spaces
  • Good public transportation
  • Variety of restaurants and shops
  • Friendly neighbors
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What are some changes you could make to improve your neighbourhood?
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Think about what makes a neighborhood great - parks, shops, restaurants, etc. Research your neighborhoodneighborhood and find out what makes it special. Create a presentation to show your friends and family how your ideal neighbourhood is like
Presenting Your Ideal Neighbourhood
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A friendly atmosphere with people who care about each other. Safe and clean streets with plenty of green spaces and nearby parks. A variety of shops, restaurants, and activities to enjoy.
Living in an Ideal Neighborhood
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In my ideal neighbourhood, the streets are lined with trees and plants that produce fruit and vegetables. Bicycles are the main form of transportation in my ideal neighbourhood. The neighbourhood has a community-run library that is open 24 hours a day.
Did you know?
8. Drawings
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If you could design your perfect neighborhood, what would it look like?
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What do you think is the most important quality for an ideal neighbourhood?
  • Community spirit
  • Safety
  • facilities and services
  • Beautiful environment
  • Easy access to public transportation
10. Open question
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What would you include in your ideal neighbourhood to make it a great place to live?

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