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Design a plan for a project


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You will use the questions that your found yesterday for the Genius Hour. Once you have your selected questions answered, put that information together in a project. You will see the options later. (Yes, there is a group option).
Prepare for Genius Hour
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Using your experiences with stories and the questions you wrote yesterday, you will design and create a presentation about your knowledge. The group option can be up to four people, however the more minds on the project means higher the skates. For example, if you work on a PowerPoint together, there should be more data and completed work. The options are on the next slide ---->
Genius Hour Focus ~ Storytelling
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Presentation: This can be a lot of ideas, PowerPoint, Poster, a speech are some ideas. 2. Persuasive or Argumentative: This can be a speech, or advertisement. The things above can be this as well.
Project Categories part 1
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3. Write a Story Plan and write a story using the knowledge you found, from your questions. 4. Play/engage in a story If you choose this, you will need to work with Ms. Konyha closely. This can either be a play or a form of Dungeons and Dragons.
Project Categories part 2
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Come up with an idea that uses the questions you created yesterday and explain how you will present it. I will probably say yes that is what I am looking for.
Project Options TL;DR
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What type of project are we interested in?
  • PowerPoint
  • Persuasive/Argumentative
  • Write a Story
  • Play/Engage in a Story
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Break down the project into smaller goals and tasks. Set milestones and deadlines to track progress. Make sure to budget time and resources.
Designing a Successful Project Plan
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Planning: the process of creating a detailed list of steps needed to complete a project. Goals: the end result that you want to achieve with the project. Timeline: A list of estimated times for each step of the project to be completed.
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In one word, how would you describe the project you are about to design?
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Project planning often requires specific software and tools to create a timeline and budget. In some cases, project planning can involve creating a network diagram to help visualize the interrelationships between tasks. Project planning can also involve creating a risk management plan to help identify and mitigate any potential risks.
Did you know?
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What are the steps involved in designing a project plan?
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What are the components of a successful project plan?
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How do you ensure that all tasks are completed on time?
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What strategies could you use to manage the project effectively?
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If you are creating a group, decide that now. Your end goal is something to present. Again, the options are: Presentation (PowerPoint), Argumentative or persuasive work, Write a story, or Play/ be in a story.** Draft three mini goals or milestones and submit in Canvas. You have three workdays. 5/25, 30, & 31. Projects are due May 31st. **Please talk to Ms. Konyha about what this looks like.
Create a plan!

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