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Discussion questions: Dry by Neal Shusterman Ch. 1


Curipod generated lesson: "Dry by Neal Shusterman Ch. 1". #8-10

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Dry Ch. 1 Questions
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What is the main conflict in chapter 1?
  • A family feud
  • A drought and its impact on the community
  • A love triangle
  • A struggle for power
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How does the author introduce the setting in the chapter?
  • Through a detailed description of the landscape
  • Through a dialogue between the characters.
  • Through a flashback
  • Through Alyssa's perspective on the drought.
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What is the significance of the radio broadcast that Alyssa listens to in the beginning of the chapter?
  • It introduces the idea of the drought being a serious, long-term problem
  • It foreshadows a natural disaster
  • It provides a clue to a mystery
  • It is not significant to the story
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How does the drought impact the social and economic structure of the community?
  • It has no impact on the community
  • It causes people to hoard water, leading to shortages and people rushing to the store
  • It leads to a surplus of water and lower prices
  • It causes the community to come together in solidarity
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What is the tone of the chapter and how does it contribute to the overall mood of the story?
  • Hopeful and optimistic, contributing to a positive mood
  • Somber and foreboding, contributing to a negative mood
  • Lighthearted and humorous, contributing to a comedic mood
  • Neutral and objective, contributing to a neutral mood
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How do the characters respond to the shortage of water and what actions do they take?
  • They ignore the shortage of water and continue their daily routines
  • They take advantage of the situation to profit from others
  • They conserve water, hoard it, and search for alternate sources
  • They blame others for the situation and demand action from the government
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If you had to guess, what could be the symbolism of the "dry" landscape, and how does it relate to the story's themes?
  • It symbolizes a place of death and despair, relating to the theme of hopelessness
  • It symbolizes a place of new beginnings, relating to the theme of rebirth
  • It symbolizes the harsh reality of the drought and the bleakness of the characters' situation, relating to the themes of survival and desperation
  • It is not symbolic and has no relation to the story's themes
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How does the chapter end and what does it suggest about the direction of the story?
  • The characters find a solution to the drought and their problems are solved
  • The characters realize the severity of the drought and begin to panic
  • They realize the news and the nation aren't taking the drought seriously and some don't even know about it.
  • The chapter ends with the news that the water supply has been shut off, indicating that the situation is worsening and setting up further conflict and drama in the story.
10. Open question
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How does the lack of water impact the characters' lives immediately?
11. Open question
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Why do you think it takes the family so long to react to the news that the water is out? What does Alyssa say is responsible?

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