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Latin Root Words
Root: Graph & Gram
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Definition: a book or account of your own life. Sentence: He did learn to write, and recounted his life story in an autobiography.
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Definition: A person's own signature. Sentence: Wherever they went, townspeople surrounded them, asking for autographs as if they were movie stars.
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Definition: A list of writings with time and place of publication Sentence: And yet they contain only highlights from a bibliography that comprises poetry, translations, and a lot more wonderful fiction and nonfiction.
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Definition: An account of the series of events making up a person's life. Sentence: I began reading their biographies to find out what, if anything, in their lives had influenced their music.
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Definition: Beautiful handwriting. Sentence: The exhibition will showcase different styles of calligraphy and illumination.
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Definition: The making of maps and charts. Sentence: He also pioneered the methods of modern cartography, describing how to draft both flat and spherical projections of his universal map.
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Definition: The science of analyzing and deciphering codes Sentence: He felt cryptography - the study of sending secret messages - was of practical use only to spies and criminals.
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Definition: A drawing intended to explain how something works. Sentence: I stared as if it were a diagram in a book I was trying to understand.
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Definition: A witty saying. Sentence: The Duke of Wellington never uttered the epigram attributed to him: “Next to a battle lost, the greatest misery is a battle gained.”
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Draw a kangaroo playing guitar and a giraffe dancing ballet
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What are the benefits of learning Latin root words?
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Definition: The branch of Linguistics that deals with sentence structure. Sentence: They laid the foundations or formal grammar by dividing all Greek words into classes- nouns,
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Definition: Written or drawn or engraved. Sentence: “The pictorial, graphic element is not part of the design of the cheerleader’s uniform; it’s superimposed on it,” she said.
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Definition: The study of handwriting. Sentence: And that's where graphology gets very tricky, since it's used in such pivotal decisions as hiring personnel.
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Definition: A photograph for reproducing a three-dimensional image. Sentence: I made a sweeping gesture with my right hand, and a three-dimensional hologram of Castle Anorak appeared, floating in the air in front of me.
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Definition: Handwritten book or document. Sentence: The catalogues of dealers are constantly presenting them, and most public libraries possess examples, either in the original holograph or in some form of reproduction.
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Definition: a compiler or writer of a dictionary
Sentence: “You know, Samuel Johnson was a reference book editor. He defined a lexicographer, a compiler of dictionaries, as a harmless drudge.”
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Definition: a method of printing from a metal or stone surface
Sentence: The image was drawn on a large piece of limestone and was printed in an old technique called lithography.
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Definition: a graphic symbol consisting of 2 or more letters combined
Sentence: During the process, which removed a layer of varnish, an artist's monogram was discovered in the upper left corner that reads "RF."
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Definition: a detailed and documented thesis/discourse on a particular subject
Sentence: The trouble is, this is supposed to be a novel, and the excruciating detail of the indictment is more appropriate to a scholarly monograph.
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Definition: representing the sounds of a language by written symbols
Sentence: Icelandic law requires names to comply with Icelandic grammar and orthography
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