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Draw a slice of pizza playing the drums in a band

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1. Drawings
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Draw a unicorn stretching on a yoga mat with a big smile on its face.
2. Drawings
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Draw a slice of pizza playing the drums in a band
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In a few words, describe what outdoor education means to you?
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Outdoor education involves learning in nature, outside of the traditional classroom setting. It provides hands-on experiences with nature, such as hikes, camping, and natural history tours. It encourages students to connect with nature, use problem solving skills, and develop a greater appreciation for the environment.
Outdoor Education: Learning in Nature
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Outdoor Education: Outdoor education is a learning experience that takes place in the outdoors instead of inside a classroom. It typically involves activities such as camping, rock climbing, hiking, and canoeing. Adventure Education: Adventure education is an experiential learning program that utilizes a variety of activities in the outdoors, such as rappelling, rock climbing, kayaking, and sailing, to help individuals develop life skills. Environmental Education: Environmental education is an educational approach that focuses on the study of natural environments and the effects humans have on them. It is designed to increase awareness and understanding of the environment and to develop the skills necessary to make informed and responsible decisions.
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What are the benefits of outdoor education?
  • Improved academic performance
  • Greater appreciation of nature
  • Enhanced physical fitness
  • Increased social skills
  • Other
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In most states, outdoor education is legally required as part of the school curriculum. Outdoor education has been proven to decrease stress levels and improve physical activity. Outdoor education can also help to improve problem solving and communication skills.
Did you know?
8. Open question
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What is the most important thing you have learned about outdoor education in the past year?
9. Open question
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How can outdoor education be used to help students better understand their environment?
10. Personalised Feedback
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How can participating in outdoor education programs positively impact a student's overall learning experience?
11. Open question
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How has your knowledge about outdoor education changed since you began studying it?
12. Open question
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What environmental issues do you think can be solved by outdoor education?

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