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ENG 2 Cycle 1 Week 3

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Would you rather send a message to your past self or receive one from your future self?
  • Blast to the past!
  • Back to the future!
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Learning Objective for Cycle 1:
We will create writing samples that demonstrate understanding of various literary works.
3. Open question
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What is the theme of "Love After Love," found on page 70 of Reading the World?
A. self acceptance B. self compassion C. inner contentment D. all of the above
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5. Personalised Feedback
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What is the theme of "Love After Love?" Answer: The theme of Love After Love is […......]. Cite: For example, in line 7, Walcott says, “You will love again the stranger who was yourself." Explain: This connects to the theme because […....]. Summarize: Overall, in this poem Walcott is saying […..].

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