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Curipod Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are groups of teachers who regularly meet to discuss best practices for using Curipod in the classroom. Curipod Professional Development (PD) is focused on helping teachers learn how to use Curipod in their classroom and providing them with resources to do so. Curipod Coaching is a personalized form of Professional Development specifically tailored to each teacher to help them maximize their use of Curipod in the classroom.
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Curipod offers features such as real-time assessment of student learning, allowing teachers to quickly pinpoint areas of growth and improvement. Curipod provides teachers with access to a range of digital resources that can easily be integrated into classroom practice. Curipod provides teachers with personalized professional development plans that are tailored to their individual needs and interests.
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Brain break: Draw a monkey juggling coconuts while hanging upside down from a tree branch
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In one word, describe your experience with Curipod?
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What makes Curipod unique compared to other professional development platforms?
  • Its focus on personalized learning for teachers
  • Its integration of technology into the learning process
  • Its emphasis on student-centered pedagogy
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Work together in pairs: What strategies have you implemented in your classroom to help ensure that all students are engaged and successful in their learning of Curipod?
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Let's Explore "Generate"
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Let's Explore "Personalized Feedback"
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