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FF Presentation 9/20/23

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Technology Integration - 9/22/23
Mr. Huntington
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Just a reminder...
The three core beliefs at CEMS for students and staff... Be RESPONSIBLE Be RESPECTFUL Be SAFE If at anytime you don't feel any of these - let me know! Being mean, making unkind comments or offending any classmates will not be tolerated and we will have a conversation. My goal always as a teacher - to have a fun, inclusive, warm and welcoming classroom. Let's keep it that way please!
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What are you most excited for today or this weekend?
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Futuristic Friday - Day #2
Good morning!
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Student Driven Projects: The Benefits of 20 Time
20 Time projects allow you to explore topics that you're passionate about. You will develop real-world skills, like problem solving and collaboration. You'll have the opportunity to take ownership of a project and see it through to the end.
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Did you know?
20 Time projects can be completed by students in any grade, but 8th grade students are particularly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. The 20 Time project is based on the concept of 20% time, a policy originally used by Google to encourage employees to use 20% of their time to pursue creative projects. The 20 Time project encourages students to explore fields outside of the ones they are studying in school, creating a more well-rounded learning experience.
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Continue brainstorming!
Take the remainder of class today to start brainstorming your FF project. Research, think, collaborate and come up with a TECHNOLOGY based project that you would like to work on each Friday that we have class. I will check on each group to hear your ideas and help you develop! Once you are ready with a concrete idea - use the form in GC.
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Once we go to the LLC I will be around to...
Abi - I shared a resource with you for the app creation. Cam/Allegra/Cam C. - let's talk about your 3d printing designs. Jonah - Python resources shared with you. Game crew - let's talk - I want you to try Swift Playgrounds! Evy - Editing check in - any content you want to film? Whitman - Card creation check in - goals for printing? Chloe - Digital music - garageband? Azara/Isabelle - let's talk about your podcast planning
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Weekly Documentation
As part of this process documentation is key! You can keep a journal, document or your project itself can serve as documentation. Each week you will complete a google form linked in GC - let's take a look...
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For Next FF...
Begin Documenting work flow (goals, planning, progress, project design and completion). Talk about how idea is being carried out!
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How confident are you feeling about Futuristic Friday's and your potential Tech based project?
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