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Get to know what the students think is most important for a good class room environment. Perhaps you

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Summer break is over so quickly!
Welcome to Biology My Name is Ms. Jones
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3. Open question
330 seconds
What did you learn about yourself this summer vacation?
4. Personalised Feedback
360 seconds
What was the most memorable experience you had during your summer vacation and why?
5. Open question
240 seconds
What does a good class room environment mean to you?
6. Open question
240 seconds
Tell me a fun fact about yourself!
7. Word cloud
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What characteristic/quality does model student possess?
8. Open question
180 seconds
what would make this class a comfortable and safe space to learn?
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What are Class norms?
Class norms are the behavioral expectations or rules of the class. Class norms inform us how we are expected to behave towards each other and towards the materials we use in school.
10. Open question
330 seconds
Jot down norms we should have for our classroom
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Materials needed for class everyday!
Pencil or Pen Spiral notebook Chrome book and charger Open mind for learning Highlighter/ colorful pens
12. Open question
330 seconds
What do you remember from your science classes in the past?
13. Word cloud
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Wordcloud activity

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