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First conditional

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What is the result of a first conditional clause?
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A first conditional clause is a type of sentence used to talk about a possible situation and its result. They often start with 'if' and are used to talk about things that could happen in the future. It is important to understand these clauses to help you communicate clearly in English!
First Conditional Clauses
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The first conditional is a sentence structure used to talk about possible situations and their results in the future. It is made up of an 'if' clause (condition) and a main clause (result). The 'if' clause usually contains the present simple verb tense, and the main clause usually contains the future simple verb tense. The first conditional is used to talk about real possibilities in the future. It is not used to talk about the future in general, wishes, or imaginary situations.
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The first known use of a conditional clause was in Ancient Greek, over 2500 years ago. In English, the phrase 'if only' is used to express a wish for a different outcome than what has happened. In some languages, such as Spanish, the word 'si' can be used in a conditional clause to mean either 'if' or 'yes'.
Did you know?
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What do you remember about the first conditional?
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How can you apply what you learned about first conditional clauses in your own life?
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Brain break: Draw a happy flying pickle carrying a bunch of balloons
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Question: You are a 6th grade student. Your classmate is stuck on understanding first conditional clauses. How can you help them? Clues: • First conditional clauses are used for talking about possible future situations and their consequences. • They consist of an 'if' clause and a main clause. • They are normally used for talking about real, possible situations. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Explain to your classmate how to create a first conditional clause. B. Create a first conditional clause together and draw a picture to illustrate it.
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Which of the following is an example of a first conditional clause?
  • She is studying for her exams.
  • If it rains, I will take an umbrella.
  • I like to play soccer.
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What is the structure of a first conditional clause?
  • If + past simple, would + base form
  • If + present continuous, will be + -ing form
  • If + present simple, will + base form
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What does the first conditional express?
  • An action happening in the past
  • A possible future condition and its probable result
  • A hypothetical situation in the present
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Which conjunction is commonly used to introduce a first conditional clause?
  • Although
  • If
  • Because
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Work together in pairs: Q: What is the key difference between a first conditional clause and other types of conditional clauses?

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