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Formal VS Informal Writing


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Dude, Leah just threw so much shade on Mark. Low key, she needs to chill. The tea is boiling hot. There is considerable concern over Leah's recent behavior. She has been observed targeting her peers, specifically a student named Mark. It has been recommended that Leah take some time away from school to think about her behavior choices.
Warm-up: Identify the appropriate audience for each passage below:
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What is slang?
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When is it appropriate to use slang in your writing?
Turn and Talk:
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Text messages Personal journals Social Media DMs to friends Dialogue
When is it appropriate to use slang in your writing?
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Formal writing follows specific rules and conventions, like grammar and punctuation. Informal writing is more relaxed and uses conversational language. It's important to know when to use formal and informal writing.
Formal vs Informal Writing
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There are several reasons why college education should be free. One of them is that you will go into a lot of debt if you must pay for college. You will spend years trying to get out of debt.

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