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Friday 24th

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Agenda: DO NOW in Canvas Feb. 24 Review Heat vs Temperature (NEED science book and foldable out.
Friday, February 24
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Heat = Energy in the moving particles of an object Temperature = the measurement of how fast the particles are moving, in other words, the amount of kinetic energy in an object Heat always moves from HOT to COLD
Heat Vs Temperature
3. Open question
180 seconds
What happened to the iced tea and the hot tea to reach the same temperature?
4. Open question
180 seconds
Predict: What will happen to the ice cubes in the two spoons? How will they be different?
5. Open question
240 seconds
Describe a method for cooking an egg that uses.... Conduction (direct contact with something hot) Convection ( a fluid that carries heat from something hot) Radiation ( Heat carried by waves without contact)

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