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Fun Spring Break Writing Activity


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What is your favorite thing about spring?
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Create a story about a magical adventure during Spring Break! Write a poem about a Spring Break outing with friends. Make up a new Spring Break tradition and describe it in detail.
Fun Spring Break Writing Activity
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Writing: The act of recording thoughts, stories, or facts in a written form. Spring Break: A school holiday usually taken in March or April allowing students to take a break from studies. Activity: A task or thing to do for enjoyment or a purpose.
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What was your favorite activity during spring break?
  • Playing outside with friends
  • Exploring a new place
  • Going on a special outing
  • Doing an arts and crafts project
  • Relaxing at home with family
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The earliest mention of a 'spring break' was in 1938, when the American Swimming Coaches Association used the term in reference to their annual convention. The tradition of college students taking a break during the spring semester started in the 1930s at colleges in the southern United States. Many college students who go on spring break choose to travel to tropical destinations such as Cancun, Mexico or the Caribbean Islands.
Did you know?
6. Open question
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What do you think are the best activities to do during a spring break?
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What is a place you have always wanted to visit during your spring break?
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How can you make the most out of your spring break?
9. Open question
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What did you learn about yourself during your spring break?

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