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Generating a professional email

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Subject Line: A short, one-line summary of the email’s contents, included at the top of the email. Greeting: A polite introduction to the person or people being contacted. Be sure to use salutations! Body: A detailed, but concise description of the reason for the email. Provide as much detail as needed to convey the message. Some types of emails require more informatio than others. Closing: A polite way of ending the email, such as Sincerely, Thank you, Respectfully, With Regards, etc. Signature: Your name, title, company, and contact information
Parts of an email:
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Professional emails should not contain more information than necessary. Including a signature line at the end of an email is an important part of professional email etiquette. Professional emails should always be sent in plain text format, not HTML format. Always expect your email to be viewed by someone other than the intended recipient
Fun Facts:
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Use formal language and avoid slang or emojis. Include a clear subject line and keep the message concise. Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. Use standard font settings (times new roamn, size 12 font)
5. Open question
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What key elements should be included in a professional email?
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Before sending an email, check the email address you are sending it to. It's important to make sure the spelling is correct, or else the email may never reach its intended recipient. Make sure to double-check the subject line of your email. A vague subject line may lead to the recipient deleting the email without ever opening it. When you’re responding to an email, make sure to read the initial email carefully to make sure you’re addressing all of the points raised.
Did you know?
7. Open question
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What are some tips for writing a professional email?
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How can you make sure your emails are professional and appropriate for the situation?
9. Open question
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What is the importance of using proper etiquette when sending emails?
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Brain break: Draw a monkey juggling bananas while doing a handstand
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What is the purpose of the greeting in a professional email?
  • To address the recipient
  • To introduce yourself
  • To summarize the main points
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What should be included in the closing and signature of a professional email?
  • A summary of your qualifications
  • An attachment
  • A polite goodbye, your name, and contact information
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Which part of a professional email contains the main message or purpose?
  • The body
  • The closing
  • The subject line
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What is an appropriate tone to use in a professional email?
  • Casual and friendly
  • Sarcastic
  • Formal and polite
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Your Task: Open Google Classroom- Craft a professional email about one of the topics below:
Being out sick Scheduling a meeting (be specific) Asking for a raise (make sure you tell them WHY)
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Make sure your email has all of the following:
Subject Proper Greeting Informative Body Proper Closing Signature
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Submit your assignment in Google Classroom.
double check your work....

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