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Ms. Foster & Ms. Fanning
Gifted Bolton Academy
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High Achiever~Gifted Learner~Creative Thinker
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Format & Timeline (based on the 22-23 SY calendar) Parent Referral Window- September 1st-30th 2nd Look Rosters due- September 9th 2nd Look Testing- September 19th-October 7th 2nd Look services begin as soon as determinations are complete TABs Teacher Ratings- January 9th-20th 1st Look Rosters due- January 27th 1st Look Testing- February 13th-March 15th & March 21st-31st Eligibility Notices go home- May 19th
Gifted Testing
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What is the difference between a Gifted Learner and a High Achieving Learner?
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Gifted learners usually demonstrate exceptional abilities in a specific area, whereas high achieving learners demonstrate excellence in a wide range of areas. Gifted learners often require special accommodations in order to reach their full potential, whereas high achieving learners may not need additional accommodations. Gifted learners usually develop in a rapid pace, whereas high achieving learners progress at a steady pace.
Differences between Gifted Learners and High Achieving Learners
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Gifted Learner: A gifted learner is a student who has the capability to learn and understand things at an exceptionally advanced level compared to their peers. High Achieving Learner: A high achieving learner is a student who demonstrates consistent mastery of academic material at or above the expected level for their age and grade. The primary difference between a gifted learner and a high achieving learner is the level of cognitive ability. Gifted learners possess a unique set of exceptional cognitive abilities, while high achieving learners are simply performing at a higher academic level than their peers.
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Gifted learners are often more interested in the process of learning rather than the end product, while high achieving learners are usually more focused on the end product. Gifted learners may learn concepts more quickly than high achieving learners, but they are also more likely to become bored with the material more quickly. High achieving learners may have more difficulty understanding abstract concepts than gifted learners.
Did you know?
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Question: What are the differences between a Gifted Learner and High Achieving Learner? Clues: • Gifted Learners tend to have a natural or innate ability in certain areas. • High Achieving Learners have a strong desire to learn and complete challenging tasks. • Gifted Learners often require unique instruction due to their abilities. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. In pairs, create a Venn Diagram to illustrate the differences between the two. B. Draw a storyboard to explain the differences between a Gifted Learner and High Achieving Learner.
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What is the primary difference between a gifted learner and a high achieving learner?
  • Gifted learners have innate abilities while high achieving learners work hard to achieve success.
  • High achieving learners have innate abilities while gifted learners work hard to achieve success.
  • Both gifted and high achieving learners depend on hard work rather than innate abilities.
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Which of the following is more important for a high-achieving learner?
  • Motivation and effort
  • Innate talent
  • External factors such as environment
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How do gifted learners differ from high-achieving learners in terms of intellectual ability?
  • Gifted learners typically show higher levels of creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership potential, etc.
  • High-achieving students typically have better memorization skills
  • There are no differences in terms of intellectual ability between these two groups
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What type(s) of support do both groups need when it comes to social-emotional development?
  • Both need support in developing positive relationships with peers, handling stress/anxiety appropriately, building resilience/coping skills, etc.
  • Neither group needs any additional support outside regular academic instruction
  • Only the gifted group needs special attention due to increased emotional sensitivity
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Work together in pairs: What are some common misconceptions about Gifted and High Achieving Learners?

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