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Warm Up Activity
Go to Canvas Select 8/21-8/25 Warm-up and Closure Take the Political Typology Quiz, using the link provided
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Name a major political party in the United States?
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Political parties are groups of people who come together to contest for elective offices. They are organized to win elections, operate governments and to influence public policy. They determine the policies and agendas for governments in democracies.
Political Parties
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Political Party: A group of people who come together to contest elections and hold power in government. They develop policies and platforms which they use to appeal to the public. Democracy: A form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Ideology: A set of beliefs, values, and ideas that are shared by a group of people, which guide their actions and decisions.
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The world's oldest political party is the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, which was founded in 1678. The world's smallest political party is the Christian Party of the United Kingdom, with just one member. The oldest continuously operating political party in the world is the Liberal Party of Switzerland, which was founded in 1848.
Did you know?
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Major Parties
Political beliefs in the United States mostly fall into two mainstream ideologies: liberalism and conservatism. The two major political parties, Democrats and Republicans, have built their identities and policy recommendations around these two ideologies.
7. Open question
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What are the pros and cons of having only two mainstream political ideologies?
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Create a List
What are the issues championed by supporters of conservatism and liberalism?
9. Open question
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Why might the creation of multiple political ideologies be inevitable in a democracy?
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Go to your textbook, on Canvas
Read Chapter 1, Lesson 4: American Political Ideologies
11. Personalised Feedback
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How have political parties evolved over time, and what factors have influenced their changing roles and influence in democratic societies?
12. Open question
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How has the evolution of political parties in the United States shaped the way we view politics today?
13. Open question
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What role do you think political parties play in our current political landscape?
14. Open question
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Which group of voters do you think would find a third major political party most appealing? Why?

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