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Grade 6 SS: Introduction Atlantic Provinces

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Name the four Atlantic Provinces?
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Introduction to Atlantic Provinces
Learn about the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Explore the unique cultures and histories of each province and the shared history of the Atlantic region. Discover the resources, industries, and geography of the Atlantic Provinces.
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What do you think is the best thing about learning about the Atlantic Provinces in Grade 6?
  • Discovering the history of the region
  • Exploring the culture and traditions of the people
  • Learning about the geography of the area
  • Understanding the different industries found in the region
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Did you know?
The Atlantic provinces of Canada are home to the oldest known fossil tree in the world - the fossilized remains of a tree that is estimated to be over 300 million years old! In the Atlantic provinces, you can find the highest tides in the world! The Bay of Fundy has tides that can reach up to 16 meters (53 feet) high! The Atlantic provinces of Canada are home to the largest population of puffins in North America, with over 1 million of these birds living off the coast of Newfoundland!
5. Open question
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What are the main features of the Atlantic provinces?
6. Open question
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What is the history of the Atlantic provinces?
7. Personalised Feedback
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What are some key characteristics and natural resources of the Atlantic provinces in Canada?
8. Open question
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What similarities do you see between the Atlantic provinces and your home province?
9. Open question
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How have the Atlantic provinces shaped the culture of Canada?

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