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History and Geography

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History and Geography
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What is the name of the area where people crossed from Asia to Ameria?
  • Land Bridge
  • Beringia
  • Bridge
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The ancestors of Aboriginal people were nomads. They hunted large game, such as wooly mammoths, bison and caribou.
Crossing to America
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What does being nomadic mean?
  • You live in one place
  • You eat meat
  • You change the place you live often.
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Why were Aboriginals Nomadic?
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Brain Break: Draw a Monster eating a Taco in space.
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Around 1500, there was a large Aboriginal population in the territory of present day Quebec. The Iroquoians lived on the st.Lawrence Lowlands and near the Great lakes. The people were sedentary (opposite of Nomadic)
Iroquoian Territory
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What does Sedentary mean?
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Where did the Iroquoians live?
  • Great Lakes and USA
  • St. Lawrence and Great Lakes
  • Hudson Bay

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