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How can you use sensory details to help your readers experience your personal narrative?

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Personal Narrative - A story that is written from a first-person point of view and recounts a personal experience or event. Plot - The sequence of events in a story that are related to each other. Theme - The underlying message or main idea of a story.
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Personal narrative writing is often used to help students reflect on their own experiences and values. Personal narratives can include a wide range of topics, ranging from personal experiences to universal themes. When writing a personal narrative, it is important to focus on a specific moment in time rather than a broader event or idea.
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How can you use sensory details to help your readers experience your personal narrative?
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¿Cómo puedes utilizar detalles sensoriales para ayudar a tus lectores a experimentar tu narrativa personal?
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Draw a robot planting flowers in a garden.
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How has writing a personal narrative help you reflect on your own experiences?
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What did you learn about yourself from writing your personal narrative?
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What is the goal of a personal narrative?
  • To tell a story about your own experiences and share them with others
  • To provide information about a topic
  • To persuade others to believe in your point of view
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Which point of view is typically used in personal narratives?
  • Third person
  • Second person
  • First person
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Draw a worm driving a tiny car
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What should be included in the conclusion of a personal narrative?
  • Reflection on what was learned, final thoughts, and ending statement
  • Main ideas rephrased from each paragraph
  • New evidence that supports main ideas
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Work together in pairs: What strategies can you use to make the writing of a personal narrative more interesting and engaging for readers?

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