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How does slam poetry express the speaker's ideas and emotions?

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Slam poetry is a style of performance-based poetry that combines spoken word, storytelling, and rhyme. Slam poets use their creative expression to explore topics such as social issues, personal experiences, and current events. By participating in slams, poets can gain recognition, build community, and engage with audiences in a unique and powerful way.
Slam Poetry: Expressing Yourself Through Creative Performance
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How does slam poetry express the speaker's ideas and emotions?
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Work together in pairs: What aspects of slam poetry make it a powerful medium for conveying political or social messages?
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Where did slam poetry originate?
  • Paris, France
  • Chicago, United States
  • London, England
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What is slam poetry?
  • A style of rap music
  • A form of traditional storytelling
  • A type of competitive poetry performance
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Question: You have been invited to perform a slam poem at a local poetry competition. How can you create the most powerful performance? Clues: • Focus on a personal story or experience that speaks to the audience. • Be creative with the delivery of your poem, like using rhythm and volume. • Choose words that evoke emotion and imagery. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Write a slam poem that conveys a message. B. Perform the poem with a partner and explain the meaning behind it.
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In slam poetry, performers are judged based on what criteria?
  • Length and punctuation
  • Rhyme scheme and meter
  • Content, delivery, and performance
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What is the purpose of a 'slam' in slam poetry?
  • To showcase individual talent and creativity through competition.
  • To promote political activism.
  • To entertain the audience with humorous poems.
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Brain break: Draw a giant slice of watermelon taking a summer vacation at the beach

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