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Why Good Behavior is Important at a Testing Site
How to act at a testing site
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Good behavior helps create a positive and quiet environment Disruptive behavior can affect your own and others' performance
Testing is important for your academic progress
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Being careful not to speak loudly is a sign of respect.
Respect everyone so they can focus
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Rules and Etiquette for Testing
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Basic Rules and Etiquette for Testing Arrive on time Follow instructions from the teacher or proctor Stay quiet and focused Keep your eyes on your own work Raise your hand if you need help
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Being late will cause you to be stressed.
Arriving on Time means get there a few minutes early.
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Someone will come over to you to assist.
Raise your hand if you need help
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How would you act at the testing site?
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Tell me what you plan on doing the night before and the morning of the STAAR test
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Draw a picture of yourself passing the test.
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How do you feel about the STAAR test
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