How to choose a career path?


What are the criteria by which we can choose our degree programs and how do our choices affect our l

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To bring what drives you into sharper focus, you will need to go from the broadest reflections on your life and work down to the most specific ways to apply it to your career. The first step is to start by thinking about times in your life that stand out above all others. These are the moments that stand out and matter because when you think about them, they are the moments that provoke you, inspire you, make you uncomfortable , etc. They can be memories that are recollections of something you want, something you want to achieve, someone you admire or anything else you think of that matters to you because it stirs something in you.
Find moments that matter
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Once you’ve found the moments that matter, you can now reflect on what has meaning to you by thinking about what do you care about deeply? What gets you excited ? And what inspires you to do what you do? What are you doing, and who are you working with at these times? The key is to make sure you are thinking broadly about all aspects of your life.
Find what is meaningful
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To move even closer to your what drives you, now ask yourself, what feels effortless to you? When are you in the zone? Again, make sure that you are thinking about all the times throughout your life, not just recently, and you don't need to worry about where you were. When you open yourself to draw inspiration from all parts and times in your life, that is when you get the most unfiltered and clear view of what motivates all of what you do.
Find what is effortless
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The next step is connecting all of your reflections to find your why. You uncover your why by finding the pattern of what makes your moments that matter, as well as the meaningful and effortless actions that you just recalled, so magnetic to you. There is always a pull—a reason why we do what we do. Knowing why we are drawn to what we choose and what we get from all of these experiences that stand out to us is critical. For example, it might be that what drives you is that you are motivated by striving for a goal, solving challenging problems, empowering others by helping them be at their best or it might be that you are driven by being part of a mission that's bigger than yourself .
Discover the power of why
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By looking at yourself from a different perspective, being that of your why, you’ll be able to discover what brings meaning and purpose to your work . That is because you now have a more complete picture of not just how you take your talents and strengths and effectively push them into the world, you also now discovered or rediscovered what pulls you, why what you do is so magnetic. Uncovering your patterns and your why is not a one-and-done exercise. Over time the more experiences that you have, the more things will continue to come into sharper focus. The more you make a habit out of looking for the patterns in your work and life, and in your why, the clearer your drive and sense purpose will become.
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The job market is rapidly changing and new jobs are emerging all the time Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities Developing skills such as
Jobs of the Future - What we know for sure
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By 2030, nearly 50% of the jobs in the US will be in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. By 2035, the demand for data scientists will rise by 28%. By 2027, most jobs will require a basic understanding of coding and programming
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