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How would you describe King Lear in Act 5?

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How would you describe King Lear in Act 5?
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Lear and Cordelia are reunited and reconciled. Edmund is killed in a duel with Edgar. Goneril and Regan die Cordelia is hanged Lear dies of a broken heart Albany, along with Edgar, are left in power to restore and rule Britain.
The Climactic Ending of King Lear Act 5
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Foolishness: A lack of wisdom or judgment, often seen as foolish behavior and decisions. Character Arc: The transformation a character goes through throughout the course of a story. Regret: A feeling of sadness or remorse for a mistake or wrong decision.
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In Act 5 of King Lear, who do you believe is the most influential character?
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King Lear Act 5 is one of the longest acts in a Shakespearean play, with over 1000 lines of text The 'Fool' character in King Lear is the only character in the play who speaks the truth throughout the entire play In later publications of King Lear the ending was rewritten so Cordelia doesn't die.
Did you know?
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What can we learn from the events that occur in Act 5 of King Lear?
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Identify 3 themes from Act 5 along with a corresponding quote.
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In Act 5 of King Lear, what is the significance of Cordelia's death? What effect (lesson) would this have on audience members?
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Find 2 quotes from Act 5 of King Lear that demonstrate the consequences of poor decision making.
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What lessons can we take away from the characters in Act 5 of King Lear?

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