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1. Word cloud
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What is the biggest impact humans have on the Earth's systems?
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Humans affect the Earth's air, water, land, and living things. We can see the effects of human activity in many ways. Humans can take steps to reduce their impact on Earth.
Human Impacts on Earth Systems
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Air Pollution: The release of gases, dust, and other materials into the air. Climate Change: A long-term shift in average weather patterns. Habitat Loss: The destruction of a natural environment and its wildlife.
4. Poll
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What are the primary human impacts on Earth systems?
  • Pollution of air, water and land
  • Deforestation due to logging and land conversion for agriculture
  • Soil erosion due to unsustainable farming practices
  • Overfishing of marine resources
  • Other (please specify)
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Humans have been affecting Earth's systems since prehistoric times. The largest human-made structure in the world is the Great Wall of China. In 2018, more than half of the world's population lived in cities.
Fun facts:
6. Drawings
450 seconds
Draw / write: What are three examples of human activities that have had an effect on Earth's land, vegetation, streams, ocean, air and outer space?
7. Drawings
360 seconds
Draw / write: How can we be more mindful of the impacts our everyday activities have on Earth's systems?
8. Open question
150 seconds
What are some of the impacts humans have had on Earth's environment?
9. Open question
330 seconds
What can you do to help reduce the negative impacts humans have on Earth's environment?

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