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Do you think Filipinos are slowly losing their culture due to foreign influences? With that, how can you revive Philippine culture?
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With the ..
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1. What is the characteristic of an essay?
  • A. Tells the origin of a word
  • B. Shows the author's own argument
  • C. Connects a subject to its predicate
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2. Which of the following is defined as a nonfiction writing, written with the intention of informing the reader about the specific topic?
  • A. Informative essay
  • B. Expository essay
  • C. Narrative essay
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3. What are the parts of an informative essay?
  • A. Heading, greet
  • At the end of the school year
  • After students have completed a unit
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4. Which of the following does not define/characterize informative essay?
  • Students and teachers
  • Only students
  • Only teachers
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5. Which of the following are the functions of an introduction?
  • It depends on the subject being tested.
  • Yes, if used incorrectly.
  • No, they cannot harm performance.
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6. Which of the following defines the body of an essay?
  • A test given after learning takes place
  • A test given to measure progress in the middle of a course
  • An assessment given before learning takes place
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7. Which of the following states the purpose of the conclusion of an essay?
  • To assess mastery of content at the end of a course
  • To identify what students already know and don't know about a topic
  • To measure progress throughout a course
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8. What is the typical length of informative essay?
  • Motivation
  • Prior knowledge
  • Learning style
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9. Which of the following is the characteristics of a thesis statement?
  • At the end of the school term
  • Immediately after completing it.
  • Never, it's just for diagnostic purposes.
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10. Which of the following is the most appropriate topic for an informative essay?
  • Provide an opportunity for self-reflection.
  • Help with lesson planning and differentiation.
  • Identify knowledge gaps early on.
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What is an essay?
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derived from the French infinitive analytic, interpretative, or critical literary composition. TIPS IN WRITING AN ESSAY decide what kind of essay to write brainstorm your topic research the topic choose a writing style develop a thesis outline your essay write your essay edit your writing to check spelling and grammar
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What is it?
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its purpose is to educate a target audience it tried to avoid presenting arguments or personal opinions it displays information that is beneficial to the audience it is usually 3-5 pages in length 3 PARTS OF AN INFORMATIVE ESSAY INTRODUCTION THESIS STATEMENT BODY CONCLUSION
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Think of a topic. Create a format. Present your ideas. IN INFORMATIVE ESSAY WRITING, BEAR IN MIND THE FOLLOWING: I - Include an opening paragraph to introduce the topic. N - Name facts in the body paragraphs of your essay. F - Follow the facts with supporting sentences. O - Organize your writing with transition words. R - Refer to the topic and include key vocabulary. M - Make a closing paragraph that relates to the topic.
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What challenges do you think you will encounter when composing an informative essay about Philippine culture?
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Question: How can you compose an informative essay that will engage your reader? Clues: • Think of a topic that is interesting and relevant. • Research and organize your information in a logical manner. • Include supporting evidence and examples in your essay. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Write an essay outline that has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. B. Design a poster that summarizes the main points of your essay.
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