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1. Open question
450 seconds
Frame this quote correctly.
To change deeply embedded habits. To consider the implications of words and phrases that have long gone unchallenged. To dig deep into empathy and imagine an experience not our own. From the article "An Incomplete Guide to Inclusive Language for Startup and Tech" by Courtney Sieter Paragraph 4
2. Open question
330 seconds
Log in to Google Classroom and Share your research question from Friday.
3. Poll
60 seconds
What do you think?
  • I believe the Gold Rush was good for California
  • I believe the Gold Rush was not good for California
4. Open question
240 seconds
Based on the previous poll, why do you hold this opinion about the Gold Rush?
5. Poll
40 seconds
Where are you in your writing?
  • I have written 1–2 body paragraphs
  • I have included 1–2 pieces of evidence in each body paragraph?
  • I haveclearly explained how your evidence supports your claim in each body
  • I have used at least two dependable sources
  • I have reread what you wrote
  • I need a teacher conference today
6. Slide
60 seconds

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