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Importance of cumulative digital portfolios for high school students


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EBHS Digital Portfolios
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In a few words, why is it important for high school students to have a digital portfolio?
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What do you think is the most important benefit of having a digital portfolio for high school students?
  • It allows them to showcase their work to potential employers and post-secondary
  • It helps them to reflect on their achievements and progress over time
  • It provides a platform to share their work with teachers, classmates and beyond
  • It helps to increase their digital literacy skills
  • Provide a platform for artifact collecting for exhibition of learning project
4. Open question
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What are the key digital skills that high school students need to be successful beyond the classroom?
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How can digital portfolios provide a way to show learning and growth in authentic ways (beyond the use of AI and ChatGPT tools)?
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The Benefits
On the next three slides you will see MANY benefits for creating digital portfolios in high school. You will find a new partner to discuss each slide with. Which benefit is the most significant to you and why?
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Help students develop essential organizational skills Provide a way to show learning and growth in authentic ways - beyond the use of AI and ChatGPT Make it easy to apply for college admissions and scholarships QR codes/links on resumes are getting students hired Personal branding: Set yourself apart! Showcase skills and accomplishments Promote lifelong learning Allows for creativity and self-expression
The Benefits of Digital Portfolios for High School Students
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Provide a comprehensive record of a student's academic accomplishments over a period of time, showing progress and areas of improvement Teachers, administrators, and college admissions officials can quickly assess the level of a student's academic progress - another record Provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their learning experiences in ways other than text; through the use of multimedia, students are able to articulate their thoughts and feelings about their academic progress, as well as their future goals. Model a real-world 'professional' space where we can have conversations about good choices and professional-sounding writing
More Benefits
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Powerschool just shows marks; portfolios show parents the learning - this helps to "frame the narrative" about EBHS Provides a consistent and legitimate platform for school-wide Exhibitions of Learning Potentially adds perceived “value” to TAG for parents & students, especially if credits are allocated Helps students gain crucial digital skills and practice using them; many of our graduates currently leave without this Aligns with school and district strategic plans Can be used to show/discuss work samples at Parent Teacher Interviews Can address the CTS Curriculum career outcome criteria
Benefits Specific to EBHS
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Connects to Alberta CTS Curriculum
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What are the 6 C's from the PRPS Strategic Plan?
Enter only one word per line Think VERBS ... for example demonstrate instead of demonstration
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Connect Create Communicate Care Contribute Challenge
6 C's from the PRPS Strategic Plan
13. Open question
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Choose ONE C ... Think about how Digital Portfolios connect to it:
Connect Create Communicate Care Contribute Challenge
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You might be wondering...
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Support Available
We will start with a Google Sites template, specifically designed for EBHS students Instructional Coaches to support TAG teachers by helping students create/update site (during TAG or during class time) Instructional Coaches to help subject teachers plan/identify existing class activities that would exhibit well on Site Short 1-3 minute tutorials have been built to help with all stages of portfolio/website building
17. Open question
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Think of ONE assignment/project you can have students share in their digital portfolios:
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Safety & Security
access to sections/ links can be controlled (public vs private view of individual pages on Google Sites) access can also be controlled on slides, docs, etc., that are added to the Google Site, for example could be set to only be viewed by or specific teachers
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A digital portfolio is like a special book on the computer where high school students can keep all their important school work. It helps them remember what they have learned and show it to others. They can put their drawings, stories, and projects in the portfolio. It's like having a collection of all the cool things they have done at school. When they grow up, they can look back at their portfolio and feel proud of all their achievements!
The Benefits of Digital Portfolios for High School Students ...
21. Personalised Feedback
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Write your own "About Me" paragraph (2-3 sentences) for your test website ...
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Let's Practice
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Collecting Web Addresses

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