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In just a few words, define Human Resources Management.

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In just a few words, define Human Resources Management.
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Human Resources Management (HRM)
An organizational function that manages employees and their relationship with the organization. Includes recruiting, hiring, training, payroll, performance management, and more. Helps ensure that the organization meets its goals and objectives.
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Did you know?
HRM stands for Human Resource Management which is the practice of managing an organization’s most valued assets, its people. HRM iis responsible for overseeing the recruitment, management, and development of new and existing employees. HRM also plays an important role in organizational development, which is the process of creating a healthier work environment for employees.
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What is the difference between HRM and Personnel Management?
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What role does HRM play in an organization's success?
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In what ways has the evolution of Personnel/HRM impacted the modern workplace?
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What challenges are organizations currently facing in HRM?
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Brain break: Draw a chicken wearing roller skates and a superhero cape, zooming down a steep hill
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In pairs: Select one task
Question: You are a manager in an HRM department. How can you ensure your team communicates effectively and efficiently?
Understand the different types of communication tools available. Set expectations for communication frequency, speed of response and content. Make sure everyone has access to the same communication tools.
A: Create a flowchart illustrating the HRM team's communication process. B: Write a brief report outlining the benefits and drawbacks of different communication tools.
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What does HRM stand for?
  • Human Resource Management
  • Healthcare Risk Management
  • High Risk Management
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Which of the following is not a function of HRM?
  • Training and Development
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Marketing
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What is the purpose of performance management in HRM?
  • To assess and improve employee performance
  • To develop marketing strategies
  • To manage financial resources
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Which of the following is an HRM strategy focused on attracting, developing, and retaining talented individuals?
  • Talent management
  • Risk management
  • Financial management
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What is the role of HRM in organizational culture?
  • Developing operational strategies
  • Shaping and promoting desired values and behaviors
  • Managing financial resources
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Work together in pairs: What are the three main responsibilities of an HR manager?

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