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In one or two words: How are you feeling about the coming week?

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In one or two words: How are you feeling about the coming week?
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Announcements Schedule May Level-Up Meetings Game/Socialization
10th Grade HR Meeting Agenda
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No new lessons assigned 4/24 and 4/27 (11th Grade State Testing) Notices of Academic Concern being sent 4/28 to Students and Families
Announcements: 4/24 - 4/28
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This is the last week of April; if you have not had a quick check-in with your Homeroom teacher yet this month, please schedule a one-on-one or plan to give them a phone call this week Our next round of Level-Up meetings (check on progress towards goals in all classes) will happen in May. Use the booking links on your HR teachers' websites to set those meetings up if you do not already have one scheduled.
Announcements: April Check-ins and May Level Up Meetings
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4/25 - Central Oregon Coffee Meetup (Bend) 4/25 - Recycled Art: Earth Month Celebration & Creation (Virtual) 5/16 - The High Desert Museum (Bend) 5/19 - Oregon Tradeswomen's Career Fair (Portland)
Announcements: Upcoming Events and Field Trips
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Each round:
Game: Emotisongs

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