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In one word, describe why it is important to explore space?

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In one word, describe why it is important to explore space?
2. Open question
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What are some of the challenges of space travel?
3. Open question
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What benefits do you think humans could gain from traveling to space?
4. Open question
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Do you think space travel is worth the risks and costs?
5. Poll
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What is one reason to travel to space?
  • Exploring the unknown
  • Avoiding traffic
  • Getting a tan
6. Poll
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Which of the following is a benefit of space travel?
  • Finding new restaurants
  • Advancing scientific knowledge
  • Meeting aliens
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How does space travel contribute to technological advancements on Earth?
  • Creating new ice cream flavors
  • Discovering hidden treasures
  • Developing new materials and technologies
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What potential future benefits could come from human colonization of other planets?
  • Expanding the limits of human civilization
  • Building intergalactic amusement parks
  • Inventing alien language translation devices

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