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In one word, describe why lab safety is important?

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In one word, describe why lab safety is important?
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Understand the importance of lab safety Explain how to keep you and others safe in the lab
Learning objective:
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Always wear safety goggles and aprons when working in the lab. Follow instructions carefully and don't experiment without permission. Report any accidents or spills immediately.
Lab Safety
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Goggles: Protective eyewear used to protect the eyes from chemical splashes, flying debris, and other hazards in the lab. Lab Coat: Clothing worn in a laboratory to protect skin and clothing from chemicals and other hazardous materials. Safety Training: Training that provides information on how to handle hazardous materials and equipment in a safe manner.
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Lab safety glasses are made to filter out specific types of light, such as ultraviolet light, which can be hazardous to eyes. Lab coats are often made of fire-resistant materials to protect workers in case of a lab accident. Lab safety rules can vary from one lab to another, and sometimes the same laboratory can have different safety rules for different experiments.
Did you know?
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Work together in pairs: Q: What are some important safety tips to remember when working in a laboratory environment?
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What are some of the potential hazards that could occur in a science laboratory, and what steps can you take to minimize those risks?
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Work together in pairs: What is the most important safety rule to remember when working in a lab?
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Brain break: Draw an elephant with a ballerina tutu dancing on a stage with loud music and colorful lights.
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What is the first thing you should do if you spill a chemical on your skin?
  • Ignore it and continue working
  • Immediately rinse the affected area with water
  • Wait for someone to assist you
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When should you wear personal protective equipment (PPE) in the lab?
  • Only when instructed by your teacher or supervisor
  • At all times when handling chemicals or performing experiments
  • Never, as it is unnecessary
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Why is it important to label all chemical containers correctly?
  • To impress visitors
  • To prevent accidents or injuries
  • To make the lab look more organized
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What should you do if a fire breaks out in the laboratory?
  • Hide under a desk until help arrives
  • Follow the evacuation plan and use a fire extinguisher if possible
  • Continue working until someone tells you to evacuate
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What should be done with sharps (such as needles) after use?
  • Leave them on your lab bench for someone else to clean up
  • Place them in a designated sharps container
  • Throw them away in regular trash cans

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