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Indirect Characterization


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In indirect characterization, what is a way that an author can tell the reader about a character's personality?
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Indirect Characterization is when the author reveals a characters traits through the characters actions, words, thoughts, and feelings. It can also involve what other characters think, say, and feel about the main character. It is an important tool for authors to create a believable, three-dimensional character.
Indirect Characterization in Literature
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Indirect characterization is when an author reveals a character’s traits through the character’s thoughts, words, and actions. By observing how the character reacts in different situations, readers can learn more about the character. Indirect characterization helps readers understand the character’s motivations and how they will likely behave in the future.
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How would you describe a character's personality when you can only infer it from their actions in a book?
  • Mysterious
  • Brave
  • Cautious
  • Daring
  • Loyal
  • Inventive
  • Selfless
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Indirect Characterization is a great way for authors to hint at a character's personality without telling the reader directly. A character's actions and reactions to situations can tell a reader more about them than any description. An author can also reveal character information through the thoughts, words, and feelings of other characters.
Did you know?
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What characteristics of the character can you infer from the text?
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How does the character’s behavior help you understand their personality?
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What evidence in the text led you to your conclusion about the character?
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What assumptions can you make about the character based on their actions?

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