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This includes Anabaptist Essentials Intro and Short History

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Would you rather have the ability to instantly solve any math problem or speak and understand every language fluently?
  • Instantly solve any math problem
  • Speak and understand every language fluently
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Would you rather have the ability to instantly learn and understand any subject or be able to teach any subject flawlessly?
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How would you answer "What is Christianity" in a few words?
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Work together in pairs: In what ways have you engaged in helpful dialogue with persons of other denominations or faiths?
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Anabaptist Theology
Anabaptists emphasize Jesus' teachings and the New Testament as the basis of their beliefs. They believe in adult baptism, pacifism, and separation of church and state. Anabaptists seek to follow Jesus' example of love, justice, and humility.
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Anabaptist Theology
Discipleship: The belief that a person should strive to live their life as closely as possible to the example of Jesus Christ.
Non-Conformity: The belief that one should not conform to the prevailing social and political norms of their society.
Baptism of Believers: The practice of baptizing only those who have made a conscious decision to accept the teachings of Jesus and convert to Christianity.
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Did you know?
The Anabaptist movement began in Switzerland in 1525 and quickly spread throughout Europe and North America. The Anabaptists believed in the separation of church and state, a concept that was revolutionary at the time. The Anabaptists were among the first groups to advocate for the concept of religious liberty and freedom of conscience.
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Work together in pairs: What is the main difference between Anabaptist theology and other Christian denominations?
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Which of the following is a key belief in Anabaptist theology?
  • Sprinkling Baptism
  • Believer's Baptism
  • Infant Baptism
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Who is considered one of the early leaders and founders of Anabaptist movement?
  • John Calvin
  • Martin Luther
  • Conrad Grebel
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'Nonresistance' is a principle emphasized in which theological tradition?
  • Reformed Theology
  • Anabaptist Theology
  • Lutheran Theology
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What does the term 'Anabaptist' mean?
  • Church reformer
  • Bible reader
  • Re-baptizer
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What was one of the main reasons why Anabaptists faced persecution during the Reformation period?
  • Their rejection of infant baptism and state church authority.
  • Their opposition to literacy and education.
  • Their support for monarchies and institutions.
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Where We are Headed
Part I: Jesus is the Center of Our Faith Part II: Community is the Center of our Life Part III: Reconciliation is the Center of our Work

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