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Interviewing famous people


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60 seconds
"Present a famous person and interview them " Short background of the person Investigate what other activities they do outside of why they are famous e.g. Emma Watson is a UNICEF ambassador, Marcus Rashford campaigns for free school meals. You will need 5 Questions and Answers.
Learning objective:
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Famous people often use a pseudonym when interviewing with the press to protect their identity and privacy. Actors and singers have to practice their interview answers in order to sound natural and be prepared for any questions they might get asked. Some famous people hire an interviewer to practice with them before they do a real interview.
Did you know?
3. Open question
150 seconds
What do you think is important to remember when interviewing a famous person? (write keywords)
4. Open question
180 seconds
How would you make the famous person comfortable?
5. Poll
20 seconds
What is the most important thing to do before interviewing a famous person?
  • Research their background and career
  • Prepare your outfit for the day
  • Practice your own introduction
  • Prepare your questions
6. Poll
60 seconds
Why is it important to ask open-ended questions during an interview?
  • To encourage the interviewee to speak more freely and provide detailed answers
  • To keep the conversation brief and concise
  • To avoid any personal or sensitive topics
  • to respect the privacy of the celebrity
7. Poll
30 seconds
'Can you tell us about a time when you faced a difficult challenge?' is an example of what type of question?
  • Behavioral
  • Closed
  • Personal
8. Poll
60 seconds
What should you always bring with you to an interview with a famous person?
  • A list of well-thought-out questions
  • A camera for photos
  • A microphone for audio recording
  • something to take notes with
  • a smile
9. Poll
60 seconds
Which approach is better when interviewing someone: reading from a pre-written script or letting the conversation flow naturally?
  • Letting the conversation flow naturally
  • Reading from a pre-written script

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