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See you in 5 minutes
6. Word cloud
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Write three words that describe what you have found out about the Space Station
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8. Open question
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What are some of the reasons for why establishing a moon colony would be useful?
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Ever thought how we might build on the moon?
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Watch the 360 Video to get an idea of what the environment of the moon is like
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A moon colony is a settlement on the surface of the moon, established by humans. Living in a moon colony could involve living in a pressurized dome, where the air is breathable. Living on the moon could be a great way to explore space and the universe. Reduced gravity means that the moon could be used as a launchpad for spacecraft that want to explore further into the universe
Living On The Moon: What Is A Moon Colony?
12. Open question
150 seconds
What are some potential benefits of establishing a colony on the Moon?
13. Open question
180 seconds
Work together in pairs: What challenges do you think humans will face in establishing a permanent colony on the moon?
14. Poll
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Should colonies in space be established with the intention of eventually becoming independent nations?
  • Yes - they should be allowed to break away from Earth
  • No - that would be divisive
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Would you rather live on a planet with three suns or a planet with no sun?
  • Live on a planet with three suns
  • Live on a planet with no sun
16. Drawings
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Draw a monkey in a spacesuit floating in outer space, playing a guitar.
17. Open question
180 seconds
What are some potential environmental, economic, and social challenges that may arise when establishing a space colony?

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