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Welcome to Curipod!
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Kyle Kline
Director of Digital Learning Twin Lakes School Corp. Indiana Connected Educators President @MrKline_Edtech
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We want to spark curiosity in every learner!
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How familiar are you with Curipod?
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Icebreaker: Draw your best moment as a teacher
6. Personalised Feedback
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Write something about yourself
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What questions do you have about Curipod?
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Demo time!
(This is where you show how Curipod works)
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Your turn to make a Curipod
Go to and click "Sign up" Try to create a new lesson Test the lesson with the person sitting besides you (who can join in as a student Need help? Ask in the chat, and team Curipod is ready to help out!
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How do you feel now?
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Sign up for AI certification program Join our teacher community on Facebook Apply for our ambassador program
Get engaged and learn more!
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Go explore - and let us know what you think!

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