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Intro to Python

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In a few words, why do you think Python is a useful programming language?
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Python is a powerful programming language used to create web applications, mobile apps, and games. It is easy to learn and understand, making it a great language for 9th grade students to learn. Developing skills in Python can help students pursue careers in software engineering, data science, and more!
Introduction to Python
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Python is a high-level programming language, meaning it is easy to read and understand for humans. It is used by many large companies and organizations, such as Google, YouTube, Dropbox, and NASA. Python is an interpreted language, meaning that it is run line by line, one instruction at a time. This makes debugging code easier, since errors can be identified and corrected faster. Python is an object-oriented language, meaning that it is organized around objects rather than actions. This reduces complexity and makes it easier for 9th grade students to learn and understand.
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Python was named after the British comedy troupe Monty Python. Python is the fastest growing programming language in the world. Python can be used to create 3D graphics, and can even be used to make games.
Did you know?
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What do you think are the benefits of learning Python?
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What challenges do you think you may face when learning Python?
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What is one thing you've learned about Python that surprised you?
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What keyword is used to define a function in Python?
  • for
  • def
  • if
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What symbol is used for assignment in Python?
  • ==
  • +
  • =
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What does the 'print()' function do in Python?
  • Performs mathematical calculations
  • Defines a loop
  • Displays output on the console
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Work together in pairs: Q: What is the difference between a String and an Integer in Python?

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