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Lesson 15: If/Else with Bee and


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In Lesson 15, students will learn how to use the Bee robot with to program decisions using conditional statements. The Bee robot will respond differently based on the conditions students program into the code. By the end of the lesson, students will understand the basics of if/else statements.
If/Else with Bee and
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If/Else: A type of control flow statement that allows a program to evaluate a condition and execute a statement or block of code depending on whether the condition is true or false. Boolean Logic: A form of logic that is used in programming to evaluate statements that are either true or false. Bee Bot: A programmable robot used in educational settings to teach basic coding concepts, such as if/else statements.
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What do you think of Lesson 15: If/Else with Bee and
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The Bee character from was designed to look like a bee because bees are highly symbolic in coding, representing how computer programs take inputs and output results. The Bee character is voiced by an Emmy-winning actress, who has also provided voices for characters in popular animated films. In Lesson 15 of, you learn how to use If/Else statements to make decisions in your code. This is called 'conditional programming', and it is a key part of computer programming.
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What are some examples of conditional statements that you have seen or heard before?
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What are the differences between the if/else statement and the looped sequence?
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What challenges have you faced while trying to translate spoken language into a program?
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What strategies have you used to help you solve puzzles with if/else statements and looped sequences?

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