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Lesson 2B set up/ "How to tell a True War Story and Surrealist images

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Surrealism defined:
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"Lobster Telephone"- Salvador Dali (1936)
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Surrealism (cont.)
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Surrealism (cont.)
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Awareness of the Process of Writing Pure Thoughts Without Message Subjective Opinion-Based Truth Perceived Reality Use of Assertions Distortion of the Truth
Review: Metafictional details in TTTC
6. Open question
300 seconds
Why do you think it is important to tell a true war story?
7. Open question
300 seconds
Why do you think Tim O'Brien wrote "The Man I Killed"?
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Lesson 2B assignment: Use the structure of the chapter "How to Tell A True War Story" to create a "True SHS Story" based in your own experience. The focus can be something that happened either in or out of the school building.
9. Open question
240 seconds
Which metafictional elements in 'How to Tell a True War Story' resonated with you personally? Which can/did you use for your story?
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In a moment, you will have 15-20 minutes to read at least three narratives from others in the class. When time is up, you will be able to nominate up to three writers for three different award categories. Winners will receive extra points towards their final grade. You may nominate yourself!
11. Poll
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Best Use of Assertions:
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Best Use of SHS in their Narrative:
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Best Overall Use of Metafictional Elements:
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Best Narrative That Does Not Take Place in SHS, But is About SHS:

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