Let's Talk about Phones in the Classroom

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1. Word cloud
60 seconds
Give me 3 words describing cell phones and the role they play in our lives.
2. Personalised Feedback
180 seconds
What are the potential dangers and risks associated with cell phone use?
3. Personalised Feedback
120 seconds
What are some possible benefits associated with cell phone use?
4. Open question
300 seconds
What role should cell phones play in class?
5. Poll
60 seconds
If a class is a "no phone zone," how would you feel?
  • Okay
  • Bored
  • Anxious
  • Happy
6. Poll
60 seconds
How do you feel when others use their phones during group work?
  • Happy
  • Don't Care
  • Frustrated
7. Slide
60 seconds
"Touchscreen" Performance
"Touchscreen" Poem
Cell Phone Addiction (video)
Social Media & Mental Health (video)
"Bound to" Ballet (video)

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