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Life in the Colonies


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1. Word cloud
120 seconds
What do you see in this image?
2. Poll
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You are an 8 year old girl living in the Southern Colonies. You live with your mother, father, 3 older brothers and 1 younger sister. Your brothers help with chores in the morning and then go to school. They are learning reading, writing, and mathematics. What do you learn at school?
  • reading, writing and mathematics
  • reading and writing
  • cooking and sewing
  • You don't go to school
3. Slide
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In large towns, many boys went to school. In the countryside, families with enough money might send boys to study with a local minister or priest. Parents might hire a tutor, or private teacher, to come to their homes if they could afford it. Rather than attend school, many girls learned cooking, sewing, and other skills from their mothers and older sisters because a woman's job was to take care of the home. Some girls attended dame schools where they learned reading, writing, and arithmetic, along with lessons in civility, or manners.
4. Open question
300 seconds
What kind of trades, or jobs, could colonists be trained in? (Think of the Apprentice Application)
5. Slide
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A craftsman produced and sold whatever service or good he specialized in at his store, which was called a trade shop. Pots, shoes, and candles were all goods made at trade shops. Craftsmen in the colonies made items that colonists needed for their homes and farms. Blacksmith, silversmith Cooper (barrel maker) Cobbler (shoe maker) Candle maker Wigmaker Carpenters
6. Slide
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Review of Trades
7. Slide
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Review of Trades
8. Slide
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Review of Trades
9. Drawings
360 seconds
Draw an image that represents a trade a craftsman did in the colonies
10. Poll
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Which of the following happened in a tavern?
  • People ate meals
  • People discussed politics
  • People played cards and board games
  • People shopped for new clothes
  • People could stay the night like a hotel
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A favorite gathering place for colonial men was a local tavern, which were places that served food and drink. Many taverns also rented bedrooms so that travelers could stop to rest during their journey. Some taverns hosted balls, or fancy dances. Others had game rooms, where men played cards, dice, and board games. There were many different types of taverns for people of different social classes or occupations: Lawyers and rich planters could gather at certain taverns, while craftsmen would meet at others It became a center for meetings of those who wanted independence from British rule in the years before the American Revolution.
Social Life
12. Open question
240 seconds
Why is the tavern an important part of colonial life?
13. Open question
180 seconds
This is a map of Williamsburg, Virginia around the 1760s. Find the Bruton Parish Church.
14. Open question
270 seconds
What does the location tell you about religion in the colonies?
15. Slide
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In some colonies, people had religious freedom. But in other colonies, they had to attend the churches that were supported by the government. In most colonial towns, the local church was the center of religious activity. On Sundays, people often arrived early at church to meet and talk. Many of them only came to town once every few weeks. Outside the church, people discussed the latest news along with reading and posting announcements. At times, these gatherings were as lively as town fairs.
16. Word cloud
60 seconds
What role did the church have in the colonies?
17. Open question
300 seconds
Would you have liked to live during colonial times? Why or why not?

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