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In a few words, what do you think STEAM education is?
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An integrated approach to learning requires an intentional connection between standards, assessments, and lesson design/implementation. Authentic STEAM experiences involve two or more standards from Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and the Arts (which includes ELA) to be taught AND assessed in and through each other.
STEAM Integration IS: Process, Product or Both
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STEAM integration strategies are essential in fostering 21st-century education. We have students who can swipe left or right if not engaged. STEAM creates a fun and engaging classroom for students and teachers Students see meaning in learning by carrying STEAM-based themes across all content areas. This helps students, and I have found it essential to classroom management.
What's the Purpose?
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How are STEAM and STEM similar?
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How does STEAM differ from STEM?
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Compare and contrast STEM and STEAM. Draw/write to show the similarities and differences.
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Motivated to Learn Wanted to come to school Connections to the world Students Creativity Shined Developed a growth-mindset Became Innovators and Problem Solvers Inventors Willing to Fail Forward
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What impact do you think STEAM can have on YOUR classroom?
  • It can help students develop creative and critical thinking skills.
  • It can give students the opportunity to explore a variety of career paths.
  • It can help students to understand the real-world applications of their studies.
  • It can energize the classroom and make learning more engaging.
  • I don't think it will make an impact.
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Set up Explore Curipod use the search 🔍 to find lessons. Search power standards and use AI to make a slideshow or create your own. Create one way to explain how you will add STEAM to your classroom. Consider it your infographic roadmap to your lesson. You may use any medium, although I suggest sketchbook, Apple Clips, iMovie, or I have paper and crayons...EXPLORE AND BE CREATIVE!!!!!

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