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Introduction to students about MAP testing and its importance

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MAP Testing is a computer-adaptive assessment used to measure student growth in core subjects. It is taken by 5th-grade students to help measure their academic progress. MAP Testing also provides teachers with data to help guide instruction.
What is MAP Testing?
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What is the purpose of MAP testing and how does it help students in their learning journey?
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MAP Testing is not timed, so students can take as much time as they need to answer each question. MAP Testing scores are not visible to the student and are only available to the educators. MAP Testing adapts to the student's level of understanding, so the difficulty of questions changes as the student takes the test.
Did you know?
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Work together in pairs: What are three tips for preparing for your MAP tests?
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MAP Testing: MAP Testing is a computer adaptive assessment used to evaluate a student's current academic performance and precision learning objectives. Norm-Referenced Scores: Norm-Referenced scoring compares student performance to that of a nationally representative sample of students. Growth Scores: Growth scores measure the progress a student has made relative to their academic performance over time.
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Work together in pairs: What is one thing you learned today about MAP Testing?

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