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Math Vocab 2

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What is geometric reflection?
  • The enlargement or reduction of an object
  • The transformation of an object across a line, creating a mirror image
  • The rotation of an object around a fixed point
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A reflection is a transformation that flips a shape or object over a line (often called the "line of reflection"), creating a mirror image. The size and shape of the object remain the same.
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What is geometric dilation?
  • A transformation that changes the size of a figure without changing its shape
  • A transformation that rotates a figure around a fixed point
  • A transformation that reflects a figure over a line
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Dilation is a transformation that changes the size of an object or shape while maintaining its shape and orientation. It can involve enlargement (making it larger) or reduction (making it smaller).
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the original shape or figure before any transformation (such as rotation, reflection, or dilation) is applied to it.
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What is a geometric pre-image?
  • A shape with equal sides and angles
  • The original shape before any transformations
  • A shape obtained after applying transformations
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What is the "image" in geometry?
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resulting shape or figure after a transformation has been applied to the pre-image. It is the transformed version of the original shape.
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What is a vector in mathematics?
  • A quantity with magnitude and direction
  • A shape
  • A whole number
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Mathematical representation of a quantity that has both magnitude (size) and direction. Vectors are often represented as arrows with a specific length and direction and are used to describe motion
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Explain what is the Axis...
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Imaginary straight line used as a reference to measure or describe the position, direction, or movement of objects in space. Axes can be horizontal (x-axis), vertical (y-axis), or even diagonal depending on the context.
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In geometry, what is a vertex?
  • The point where two or more lines meet
  • An angle greater than 90 degrees
  • A three-dimensional shape
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A point where two or more lines or edges meet. It is like a corner in a shape, where the sides or edges come together. Imagine it as the point where you can turn in different directions, like the corners of a book or the meeting point of two roads.
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In geometry, parallel lines are lines that:
  • Always intersect
  • Never intersect
  • Only intersect at right angles
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Perpendicular lines are lines that:
  • Intersect at a 45-degree angle
  • Intersect at a 90-degree angle
  • Never intersect
18. Drawings
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Draw a reflected triangle IMAGE: HERO PREIMAGE: VILLAIN

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