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Meiosis II


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Name the process that creates four haploid cells from one diploid cell?
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Meiosis II is the second stage of cell division that follows meiosis I. It divides two sister chromatids into four haploid daughter cells. It ensures that genetic diversity is maintained by creating variation in the daughter cells.
Meiosis II: The Second Stage of Cell Division
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Chromatids: One of two identical parts of a replicated chromosome. Haploid: A cell or organism that has a single set of chromosomes. Variation: The state or quality of being different from others.
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What is the primary purpose of Meiosis II?
  • To increase the number of cells
  • To create genetically identical cells
  • To create genetically diverse cells
  • To separate homologous chromosomes
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How many times does Meiosis II occur?
  • Once
  • Twice
  • Three times
  • Four times
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What is the difference between Meiosis I and Meiosis II?
  • Meiosis I separates homologous chromosomes, Meiosis II separates sister chromatids
  • Meiosis I separates sister chromatids, Meiosis II separates homologous chromosomes
  • Meiosis I duplicates chromosomes, Meiosis II separates chromosomes
  • Meiosis I duplicates chromosomes, Meiosis II duplicates sister chromatids

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