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Motion and Forces


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What is a force?
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"Define motion"
Learning objective:
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Motion is a change in position over time. Forces are pushes and pulls that can cause motion. Gravity is one of the forces that pulls objects towards each other.
Motion and Forces
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Force: A push or pull that can cause an object to move, speed up, slow down, or stay still. Motion: A change in an object's position or direction over a period of time. Gravity: A force of attraction between objects that is due to their masses and the distances between them.
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For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that when an object moves, the reaction force of the object is equal in the opposite direction. The force of gravity is the same on all objects, regardless of their mass. All objects, regardless of their mass, will fall at the same rate. The force of friction is what causes objects to stop moving. When you walk, friction between the ground and your shoes slows you down and eventually stops you.
Did you know?
6. Open question
180 seconds
Work together in pairs: Q: What does motion mean?
7. Open question
180 seconds
Work together in pairs: Q: What is the difference between motion and a force?
8. Drawings
450 seconds
Brain break: Draw a person made completely out of shapes (circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles) wearing sportswear.
9. Poll
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What is a force?
  • A push or pull
  • A sound
  • A color
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What is the force that pulls everything towards the center of the Earth?
  • Gravity
  • Magnetism
  • Electricity
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What is motion?
  • Movement from one place to another
  • Sound coming from an object
12. Poll
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What is the name of Newton’s first law of motion?
  • Law of Inertia
  • Law of Gravity
  • Newton’s Law
  • Kinetic Energy
13. Poll
60 seconds
Which type of friction causes objects to slow down when moving?
  • Kinetic Friction
  • Static Friction
  • Rolling Friction

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