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Multiplication and division revision

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Ibrahim- Asbah Arin- Natasha Oscar- Alfred Theodor-Aanusha Teodora- Eeshan Mahek- Auden Victoria- Avika Sara- Rohan Luca - Hemma Hilde- Narthanan Manso- Josephine
Find your partner and get some goos paper to help you work out the answers
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What is multiplication?
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Practice & memorize basic multiplication & division facts. Break big multiplication & division problems into smaller parts. Understand the relationship between multiplication & division.
Revising Multiplication & Division Mental Math Strategies
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Multiplication: To multiply is to add a number multiple times. For example, 3x4 can be thought of as 3+3+3+3 which is equal to 12. Division: To divide is to separate a number into groups of the same size. For example, 12/4 can be thought of as separating 12 into four groups of 3. Strategies: Mental math strategies can help students solve problems quickly and accurately. Examples of strategies are the double strategy, the double double strategy, the split strategy and more.
5. Open question
300 seconds
What strategies do you use to help you remember multiplication and division facts?
6. Open question
300 seconds
What’s the answer to 56 x 10 and 56 x 100 ?
7. Open question
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What do you think were the most important strategies you learned for multiplication and division?
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What’s the answer to 13 x 4?
  • 52
  • 46
  • 50
9. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a smiling apple playing a guitar on a beach
10. Open question
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My 5 friends have 35 sweets between them. If they share them fairly, how many will they have each?
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What’s the answer to 145 divided by 5?
  • 39
  • 29
  • 27
12. Open question
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What’s 693 divided by 3?
13. Drawings
360 seconds
Draw what comes to your mind when you hear the word division
14. Open question
270 seconds
Solve 4 3 x 5 —————

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