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Name one connective word used in writing?

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Name one connective word used in writing?
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Connectives are words or phrases used to link ideas in a sentence or paragraph. They help to make writing clear and interesting by providing transitions and adding emphasis. Examples are 'therefore', 'however', 'in addition', 'consequently', and 'furthermore'.
Connectives: Joining Ideas in Writing
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The longest connective word in the English language is 'antidisestablishmentarianism', which has 28 letters. Connectives are used to indicate relationships between ideas, such as comparison, contrast, cause and effect. Connectives can also be used to form a complex sentence from two or more simple sentences.
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What are some examples of connectors you have seen in your own writing?
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What are the different types of connectors and what purpose do they each serve?
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In what situations do connectors help make writing more effective?
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Brain break: Draw a unicorn playing basketball with rainbows for the net
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Question: You and a friend are writing a story together. How can you use connectives to create a smooth transition between each sentence? Clues: • Connectives are words that link phrases, sentences and paragraphs together. • Connectives can show cause and effect, similarity and contrast, as well as order and sequence. • Common connectives include words such as 'because', 'although', 'so', 'first' and 'next'. In pairs: create a business and a short story about how it was thought (10 lines). HOW: work with a partner to come up with a story using connectives to show the flow of ideas.
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What is a connective?
  • A word that describes an action
  • A type of punctuation mark
  • A word that joins two parts of a sentence together
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What is the purpose of a connective?
  • To show the relationship between ideas or parts of a sentence
  • To create emphasis in a sentence
  • To indicate possession
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'However' and 'although' are examples of what kind of connectives?
  • Causal Connectives
  • Sequencing Connectives
  • Contrasting Connectives
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Which one below is not an example for Casual Connective?
  • So
  • Because
  • Although
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Which one below belongs to the same group as 'Furthermore', 'Moreover', and 'In addition'?
  • Opposing Connectives
  • Sequencing Connectives
  • Comparing Connectives
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Work together in pairs: What is the difference between the words "and" and "but"?

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