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Name one motif in Frankenstein in a few words.

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Name one motif in Frankenstein in a few words.
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Frankenstein is a novel that features many motifs, such as power, nature, and science. The motifs are often used to explore the consequences of man's pursuit of knowledge. The motifs of Frankenstein allow for deeper exploration of the novel's themes and characters.
Motifs in Frankenstein
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Sympathetic Creature: A motif present in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the idea of a sympathetic creature. Despite the creature’s physical and emotional abandonment, he still possesses empathy, kindness, and a conscience. Nature vs. Nurture: Frankenstein explores the idea of nature versus nurture. The creature is initially gentle and kind, but as he is taught to believe that he is evil and society rejects him, he turns to violence to cope with his situation. Revenge: Revenge is a major theme in Frankenstein. The creature seeks revenge on Frankenstein for abandoning him and making him something he is not. Victor also seeks revenge on the creature for destroying his loved ones.
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The motif of fire is used throughout the novel to symbolize both the divine and destructive power of knowledge. The motif of light and darkness is used to symbolize knowledge and ignorance throughout the novel. The motif of nature vs. technology is a major theme in the novel, as Victor Frankenstein attempts to master technology that he ultimately cannot control.
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What motifs can you identify in the novel Frankenstein? How do these motifs relate to the themes and characters?
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What role do the motifs play in the novel? How do they contribute to the narrative?
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What is the significance of the motif of light and darkness in Frankenstein, and how does it contribute to the overall themes of the novel?
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What is the significance of the motifs in Frankenstein? How do they relate to the major themes of the novel?
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How does the author use motifs to reveal the characters’ relationships? What do the motifs tell us about the characters and their motivations?

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