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What is a narrative essay?
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A narrative essay is a story written about a personal experience. It should include characters, a plot, and a theme. It should be written in a creative and engaging way!
What is a Narrative Essay?
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Narrative Essay - a type of writing in which the author tells a story from their own personal perspective, often including a moral or lesson. Plot - the sequence of events in a story, which includes the rising action, climax and resolution. Theme - the underlying message or main idea of a story, which can be identified and discussed after reading.
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What do you think makes a good narrative essay?
  • A strong introduction
  • Concise descriptions of characters and settings
  • Good use of dialogue
  • A satisfying conclusion
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In a narrative essay, the author can use the point of view of another character to tell their story. Narrative essays are typically told in chronological order. The purpose of narrative essays is to illustrate the connections between events, experiences, and ideas in the author's life.
Did you know?
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What are some of the differences between narrative essays and other types of writing?
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How can the use of sensory details help to make a narrative essay more interesting?
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What strategies did you use to make your narrative essay engaging for readers?

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